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BBQ Menu


A few people have been wondering what sort of food is on offer at our ON SITE BBQs, so we’ve decided to post one of the menus here.


The Famous HONEST gourmet Festival Burger

8oz’s of pure 100% West Cork Beef, Juicy Beef Tomato,

Real Cheese, all in a homemade bap.

The equally Famous HONEST Breast of Chicken Burger

Herb Seasoned and Marinated Chicken Breast, Juicy Beef Tomatoes,

Crisp Cos Lettuce, all in a homemade bap.

Selection of Gourmet Sausages:

Pork & Apple, Leek & Herb, Honey Glazed Pork

Mixed Garden Green Herb Salad

Homemade Baby New Potato Salad

Selection of homemade relishes, salsa, dips and sauces.

Only €12.00 per person


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The Big News!


Well for most of you it’ll be out of date cause you’ll already know but the big news has to be that our wonderful little public bakery has had to close its doors! 😦

We could go into it but safe to say that its the fault of the Big Bad recession and the enormous costs involved in keeping it open six days a week.

So what difference does it make? Well we’re still based on site at HONEST HQ in Riverstick for all our Outside Catering and market related cooking so you’re still very welcome to call in for a look anytime you feel like it. However we don’t keep anything in stock so if you’re looking for cupcakes, sausage rolls or anything else, call ahead and order or just catch us at the markets as always.

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So first of all, we’ve got to apologise for the lack of updates recently. There’s been so so much going on at HONEST HQ that it’s been really hard to find the time to keep the blog updated. However thanks to all the positive feedback and comments we’ve decided that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so we’ll be making an increased effort to update a couple of times a week at least.

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HONEST in your home

Things have been very busy lately at HONEST HQ. As well as all our daily baking for the shop, cooking for pubs, cafes and restaurants, our office lunches, hospital lunches and looking after all the sailors at HONEST KYC, we’ve been working hard on developing some new bits and pieces.

Most of the regular visitors will have already tasted our new Double Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Fudge cookies, we’ve also added new stuff in the fridge including our home made baby new potato salad and our friends from Flynn’s Kitchen have added their really tasty Chicken Liver Pate to the contents of our fridge.

On top of that we’ve launched our HONEST in your Home, dinner party package where we’ll come to your house with raw ingredients and cook you a fabulous meal in the comfort of your own home! Now thats how to experience HONEST FOOD as it should be! Wearing slippers in the comfort of your own home! ha ha

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Very popular in the shop of late is our HONESTLY Lasagna, which we make and cook on site for you to take away and heat. It’s sold by the portion so whether its just for you or for you and 200 mates, we can knock it out in any size.

We’re working on a range of hot takeaway meals at the moment as well as a few suprises which we’ll be annoucing next week. Any suggestions for stuff we could cook are always welcome!

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Jamtastic Jam!

Jam but not as you know it!

Jam but not as you know it!

New at the HONEST food company is a range of superb jams and chutneys, sourced locally  from our friends at McBride & Flynn.

They’re all made in Kinsale, just down the road and hands down we’ve never tasted jams that are so yummy. They are just like your mum used to make and when you open the jar,  its hard to believe that they werent made fresh that morning.

Have a look at the varieties currently available at HONEST HQ.

  • Mixed Berry jam with cracked Black Pepper & Kirsch
  • Mango & Chilli Jam (Our favourite)
  • Handcut Sweet Tomato Chutney
  • Lemon & Orange Marmalade
  • Strawberry & Orange Marmalade with Grand Marnier

The full range was just voted number 17 in Food & Wine Magazine’s Top 100 things to watch out for in 2009. More than that the guys who make them really have a thing for jam, a jam fetish almost and have quickly become good buddies with Team HONEST. Watch this space for more developments.

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HONEST food company gets a new staff member.


Meet Marley! Marley is the newest addition to the HONEST HQ team. He arrived today and frankly reduced the entire staff to a morning of oohs and aahhs!

Marley and his Dad

Marley and his Dad

He knows already that he’s not allowed into the bakery or any of the foods areas but he’s dead content to sit out on the balcony and guard us from any attacks or invasions.  Plus he’s an incredibly environmental friendly way to get rid of any leftover sausage rolls.

Marleys a newfoundland puppy, aparently the David Hasslehoff of puppies. They’re trained rescue dogs who can swim for miles and even tow rafts and dingies. Check out youtube for plenty of cool videos of them.

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