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The Love Machine…

What can we say, we felt guilty about the shiny new jackets that we bought ourselves last week. Everyone in Team HONEST got one… except for the most important person, Tony the Love Machine, our loyal and trustworthy delivery van.

Since day one Tony’s felt left out of the cool gang here at HONEST HQ. He came to us all the way from Heathrow Airport where he worked for the last four years delivering food to passenger laden airplanes. 

So we decided that if we were getting shiny new coats, the Love Machine deserved the same. 



For those who left their contacts at home and cant read the slogan…


A Cupcake prize for the first person who comments below with where the slogan is nicked from! 🙂



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The Calm.

Wow! What a weekend! Thank you so so much to everyone who came to see us for our first Bakery BBQ, the turnout was amazing, we stopped counting when it went over 100 people… we were too busy to count.

We thought we were prepared and we were…. if the 50 or so people that we though would feel sorry for us showed up… so we made the shop nice and tidy and made plenty of bits and pieces.


Still all the sweety, treaty goodness in the world doesnt compare with Andy’s famous Carnivore burger which went down like a treat.

Andy & Terry put the first of the Cows on the BBQ.

Andy & Terry put the first of the Cows on the BBQ.

Despite all the free food, people still insisted on mobbing the shop and completly cleaned us out of cupcakes, and pretty much everything else that was edible.


We even had our fair share of superheroes, aka Spiderman,


 And it was nice to see people taking a look around what will soon be our onsite HONEST Cafe & retail store. 

Thanks again so so much to everyone who showed up, we’ll have plenty more Bakery BBQs happening so watch this space for news of the next one!

Big thanks to everyone who helped out especially to Philip Bourke from RED fm for all the fab tunes and the bestest Kid’s entertainer in the world, the fabulous Michelle Hickey! Thanks guys, we owe you cupcakes! 

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The HONEST fashion company!

Check out the stylish new wardrobe as modelled by Andy, Donal and Gearoid.


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Celebration Time!

So things are going well and we love to party so we though that its time we celebrated the huge success of the company to date.

So this coming Saturday we’ll be hosting a free BBQ at HONEST HQ from 4.00pm – 6.00pm for all of our friends, customers, local people and anyone who just wants to come see what we’re about. 

There’ll be plenty of food, drink, balloon modelling and face painting for the kids, RED fm’s Philip Bourke djing for the rest of us and hopefully we’ll be blessed with a bit of sunshine! Fingers crossed.

So no lame excuses, stick saturday afternoon in your diary and come see us in Riverstick!

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Online and Active.

V Busy

Wow, what a rush. The HONEST food company has had a really really busy couple of months since we opened HONEST HQ in Riverstick, Co. Cork at the start of the year.

It’s been unbelieveble the support we’ve received from the local community, corkonions in general and across Ireland as a whole. 

Now that we’re all settled into HONEST HQ, we’ll be updating this blug every single day with the latest goings on, upcoming events, whats on in the bakery and watching step by step as we work towards the opening of the first HONEST cafe which will be here at HONEST HQ.

Exciting times ahead. Watch this space!

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Ahoy maties! New Site – Kinsale Yacht Club

Kinsale Marina

Kinsale Marina

So probably the single biggest bit of news in March so far was our appointmnet as exclusive caterers down in the fabulous Kinsale Yacht Club ( in the heart of beautiful, always sunny, Kinsale.

We’ve hosted a number of events there since our first event there on New Years Eve. We celebrated Valentine’s Night there with 80 of the clubs members (much to the upset of the girlfriends and wives) with a fantastic three course dinner. You’ll find us down there most weekends as Andy and Donal attempt to learn the differences between Cruisers and Dragons (both types of boat apparently). We’ve kicked off our fantastic Sunday Lunch there and very soon we’ll be opening for business Wednesday – Sunday for our full bar food menu. We’ll be announcing the new addition to TEAM HONEST, the new Head Chef for HONEST’s Second Location early next week.

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