Woo Hoo! We’re Online! For Real!


So here we are! The HONEST food company finally getting a few free minutes to start sharing with you teh fabulous people who have been so so so good to us.

We’re just over a month in business now and WOW, what a response. All of us at HONEST HQ have been totally taken aback by the massive support that we’ve received from the local community, the City folk of Cork and even further afield. 

So many people are dying to know more about whats going on at HONEST HQ that we felt its about time we sorted out this blog and from now on, we’ll try to update as often as possible with all the news from our little corner of the world.


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One response to “Woo Hoo! We’re Online! For Real!

  1. dickvandyke

    Good Honest folk!

    Congratulations on your flying start!
    Your hard work, dedication, friendliness, and – not forgetting – marvellous grub, is an inspiration to all.

    Even in these ‘challenging’ times for businesses, your spirit and enthusiasm is an inspiration to all.

    I’m sure that the locals in Riverstick, Kinsale, Cork … and beyond will benefit from your services, skills and experience.

    Here’s to you all in Team Honest.

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